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Best Interviews to Watch On YouTube

By | August 25, 2022
Over the past couple of years, the interview genre has gained a lot of popularity on YouTube thanks to young and bold interviewers who have moved away from boilerplate language and ask direct questions about money, politics, relationships, and so on. Interviews are a great way to share information, built on questions that the interviewer asks the interviewee in order to satisfy the audience. The ancestor of the genre is rightly considered to be the French and Czech journalist Heinrich Blowitz, who interviewed Bismarck, Pope Leo XIII, Abdul-Hamid, and other famous personalities of the time. It was not just a conversation about life, but a substantive conversation revealing a person’s position. With time, the genre evolved and transformed, offering new formats: text, audio, and video. Locations, distribution platforms, and the visual design of the content changed. For example, with the advent of live TV, it became more difficult for speakers to get out of tricky interviewer questions.… Read more